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Golf Speed Trap

Elevate your golf game to new heights with the Golf Speed Trap, an awesome tool designed to enhance your swing for both increased distance and accuracy.
This compact and portable swing trainer is your key to hitting straighter and longer, refining your swing path in a cool and effective way.
With the Golf Speed Trap, you’ll experience instant feedback on your club’s path, allowing you to perfect your technique. Achieve crisp, solid hits with phenomenal spin and trajectory by trapping the ball and then the turf. The innovative polycarbonate base indicates if you’re scooping or hitting the ball correctly.
Designed to combat slices and hooks, it guides your club to swing between the rods, ensuring an on-plane, precise path. Adjust the rods for varying skill levels and use the bright alignment stripe for visual guidance. Whether you’re taming a wicked slice or mastering a gentle draw, the Golf Speed Trap is the quickest way to modify your swing path.
It’s not just for training sessions; use it during practice rounds to enhance your on-course alignment. Transform your golf game with this must-have gadget, a perfect addition to any golfer’s arsenal.