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The Annoying Piggy Bank Vault

Introducing the Annoying Piggy Bank Vault, the ultimate solution to keep yourself from impulsive spending and help you save money in a fun and challenging way. Crafted with durable PLA material using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, this piggy bank is not your ordinary money-saving tool. With its unique design, it adds a touch of excitement to your savings routine, making it slightly irritating to open, unless you’re up for the challenge of removing 40 bolts.

  • CHALLENGE YOUR SAVINGS ROUTINE: Unleash your willpower and delay instant gratification with the Annoying Piggy Bank Vault’s intricate opening mechanism.
  • 40 BOLTS OF FUN: Engage in the satisfying process of removing 40 bolts to access your hard-earned cash.
  • TWO STYLES TO SUIT YOUR TASTE: Choose between the Piggy Bank Style with a coin slot or the sleek Personal Vault Style without a coin slot.
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH: Made from high-quality PLA material, this 3D printed piggy bank combines durability with an eye-catching design.
  • AVOID IMPULSIVE SPENDING: Safeguard your savings and resist temptation by making it a little more challenging to access your money.
  • DECORATIVE CONVERSATION STARTER: Display the Annoying Piggy Bank Vault as a unique piece of art that adds character to any space.
  • REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR GOALS: Let the visual presence of this piggy bank inspire you to stay committed to your financial aspirations.