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Star Wars Sticky Note Ball

Star Wars Sticky Note Ball

Embark on a galactic journey right from your desk with the Star Wars Sticky Note Ball. This monster-sized marvel isn’t just a decorative piece; it’s a vibrant burst of functionality that brings the spirit of the iconic saga to your workspace. Crafted from 12 pentagon-shaped pads, each boasting 25 sheets, this sticky note ball totals a whopping 330 sheets. It’s designed not only to catch the eye but to keep your notes, reminders, and messages in a place where the force of organization meets the fun of Star Wars.

  • Composition: Made of 12 pentagon-shaped sticky note pads.
  • Sheet Count: A total of 330 sheets, offering ample space for all your noting needs.
  • Theme: Inspired by the Star Wars universe, adding a touch of intergalactic excitement to your desktop.
  • Functionality: Perfect for jotting down reminders, leaving messages, or marking pages.