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HOZO M-Cube Smart Laser Measure

HOZO M-Cube Smart Laser Measure

Transform your floor planning and DIY projects with the HOZO M-Cube Smart Laser Measure. This innovative tool revolutionizes the way you measure, boasting 17 dynamic functions for unmatched versatility. Its durable and lightweight design, coupled with advanced 360º capabilities, ensures precision and ease in capturing angles and measuring curves. It’s an essential addition to your collection of cool gadgets, perfect for any DIY enthusiast.

Experience effortless floor planning and more with the HOZO M-Cube modular laser measure. This device stands out with its impressive array of 17 functions, making every task simpler and more efficient.

  • Lightweight yet Robust: The HOZO M-Cube, weighing a mere 80 grams, is comprised of four robust modules. These modules, featuring a magnetic locking design, allow for easy customization and seamless accessory integration.
  • Smart Layout Planning: Turn layout planning into an enjoyable task. The M-Cube excels with its 8-direction, 360º functionality, capturing any angle and structure effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Bilateral Laser+: Accuracy meets efficiency with its advanced auto-calibration. The M-Cube offers a precise 328-foot bilateral laser with ±⅛” accuracy, and the M-Green Line is notably brighter than conventional red laser lines.
  • Precision Scale Roller: Achieve accurate measurements on curves and lines across any surface, reducing human error. The Scale Roller is equipped with a red cross line, enhancing visibility even in poor lighting conditions.

Discover the ease and precision of the HOZO M-Cube Smart Laser Measure – a must-have for any DIY enthusiast.