AR Smart Swim Goggles

AR Smart Swim Goggles

AR Smart Swim Goggles – Real-Time Metrics, Premium Anti-Fog Design, Open Water Compatible, Includes Digital Compass & Visual Coaching, USAT Approved – Ideal for Triathletes & Swimmers

The AR Smart Swim Goggles offer a new level of aquatic training for both professional triathletes and swim-team beginners. These high-tech AR swimming goggles are equipped with a transparent and fully customizable display; they update the user with real-time metrics, such as heart rate, time, distance, pace, stroke rate, and more, and equip you to make the most of each session in the pool or open water.

Built with a premium design in mind, these smart swim goggles are also endowed with one of the industry’s leading coatings preventing fogging and making sure users can wear them in any conditions without fearing to lose sight of the oponents or gear.

The comfort-fit system includes seven interchangeable nose bridges and soft silicone eye seals, ensuring these goggles will fit almost any face shape.

FORM 1 AR Smart Swim Goggles

The single charge offers up to 16 hours of swim time, and the product is backed with a strong 2-year warranty.

First in-goggle digital display ever, they comes with SwimStraight, it keeps you on course by using a built-in compass. You will never have to worry about cutting corners again. When Swim Straight is activated, the compass is shown on the display.

AR Smart Swim Goggles

The swim goggles are race approved by the USAT and World Triathlon. It comes with a two-month subscription to Premium Features that include HeadCoach. With HeadCoach, get real-time visual, and audio feedback in your goggles. Also, get access to the FORM app for testing your technique with tailored drills and tips. In addition to that, the goggles offer more than 1500 workouts and 45 training plans.


Integrated with Garmin and Apple Watch. Pair GPS data with the in-goggle display in your field of view. Best for open water training and pool workout.

Features of the FORM Smart Swim 1 – Goggles:-

  • REAL-TIME METRICS – Track heart rate, distance, pace, and more directly through a customizable display for optimal training.
  • PREMIUM ANTI-FOG – Equipped with an industry-leading anti-fog coating and silicone eye seals for clear and comfortable swims.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY – Enjoy up to 16 hours of swim time on a single charge, perfect for long training sessions.
  • DIGITAL COMPASS – Stay on course with SwimStraight, the first digital compass integrated directly into your goggles.
  • EXTENSIVE TRAINING PLANS – Access over 1500 workouts and 45+ training plans through the FORM app, with options to create or import your own.
  • OPEN WATER COMPATIBLE – Pair with Garmin or Apple Watch to display GPS data directly in your goggles for precise open water training.
  • RACE APPROVED – Certified by USAT, World Triathlon, PTO, and supertri, ensuring compliance with competitive standards.