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Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

The Umbra FishHotel Aquarium is truly a one of a kind small aquarium suited for Betta fish. This tank is clearly contemporarily and the only one of its kind. If you’re looking for something awesome and different this is it. Besides being so ornate in design and a conversation piece this aquarium is a space saver which boosts its appeal.

460410-660_2The Umbra FishHotel was designed by Teddy Luong a student of the Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design in Ottawa and was awarded the Canadian Build a Better Competition for his reinvented aquarium. This aquarium is square by design and features a removable skin called the ABS plastic façade. It is this façade which gives the look aquarium the appearance of a building. Clearly the most unique Betta fish tank on the market in its category.


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Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

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