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Water Garden Fish Tank

Who doesn’t want to have a fish tank with fresh and delicious herbs right on their kitchen top?

With this new Aquaponics home systems you can now enjoy the benefits of home farming in the most sustainable and organic way.

In fact this fish bowl planter is the embodiment of a symbiotic relationship that brings new meaning to fish food.

This is how the system works: The fish feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water—a symbiotic, low-maintenance relationship we can all learn a little something from.

Set it up in your office, kid’s room, or on your kitchen counter for double duty as a unique centerpiece and a fully functioning ecosystem made in California.

The plants growing in the top tray thrive on the nutritious water below, while the plant roots purifies the water for the fish living below. This would be a fabulous planter to grow herbs in, and a fun project to do with kids.

That is it for the Water Garden Fish Tank, please feel free to ask questions, leave a feedback and comment below😉.Your support is also greatly appreciated and keeps these reviews coming and the website functioning in these every changing times and growing challenges…

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