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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Salt Tesquila Glass? That’s right; these shot glasses are actually made of 100% pure

Himalayan Pink  Salt! No need to add salt to the rim of a glass, and these sensational shot glasses infuse Tequila with unforgettable flavor. Enjoy fabulous presentation for your party drinks and beverages!

No Wonder Himalayan Salt Tequila Galsses were featured on Oprah’s favorite things 2013!
Impress your guests by serving your favorite Tequila in these tasty, mineral rich glasses at your
next gathering.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4 All-Natural FDA Approved 3" Pink...

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$ 19.85

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Set of 4 Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses - Oprah's Favorite Item

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$ 26.95

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