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CamelBak Women Aventura Backpack

Forget for a moment about the water-carrying system, the ample storage embedded into the pack and the lightweight nature of it all. When CamelBak unveiled its new technology for 2014, the key piece took the pack in a new direction: ventilated right off your back.

This is a review of the Camelbak Women Aventura Hydration Pack.

The  Camelbak Aventura Hydration Pack  is a versatile pack with enough cargo and hydration for a full day and ascents. Perfect for everything from long hikes to endurance tactical training.

The CamelBak Aventura backpack is a nifty little backpack that’s great for long day adventures.


The Camelbak Aventura backpack has a 3L water bladder. There are four zippered compartments: a tiny one for tiny items, one small one for small items, a main compartment for larger items, and a separate compartment for the water bladder. Side slip pockets allow you to hold water bottles, map, or if you’re like me, all the wrappers from Clif bars that you eat. And there’s a nice and large slip pocket that can easily fit a Nalgene and readily accessible items like hats. The outside of the pack has attachments to keep your trekking poles handy.

Here is some reviews of the Camelbak Aventura Hydration Pack:

  • Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. The back of the pack has light weight foam padding, underneath a mesh covering. This enables great airflow, good ergonomics, and the foam makes the Aventura lighter than some others on the market.
  • Easy to organize. There are a lot of convenient pockets and storage spots. This is a panel loading backpack, so it is easy to keep your hiking gear organized. In a lightly fleece lined pocket toward the top of the pack, you can store your camera and cell phone. They won’t get scratched in there with the fleece lining, and they won’t get wet because the zipper is seam sealed.
  • Great side storage for trekking poles or water bottles. The 100oz (3 Liter) bladder that comes with this pack is sufficient enough for most day hikes I’d go on with this pack, but if you want to stash a bottle or even snacks, there are deep elastic pockets on either side of the backpack. I stored my trekking poles in them, and they didn’t budge during my hike!
  • Nice little extras. This pack has 3 loops on the bottom of the pack, which means you could conveniently store an ice axe. There is also a little section in the middle of the pack where you can store your vest for example when not in use. It sure is easy to adjust clothing layers when they are handy!


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