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Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

The Aqueon Betta Falls provides a calming presence of cascading water while showcasing the natural beauty of betta. Betta Falls is large enough to make an elegant statement, yet compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or office. The water is filtered using Aqueon® QuietFlow® power filtration. The aquarium is approximately 2 gallons in size and includes a maximum fill indicator window which conveniently shows when more water should be added to the unit.



The filter cartridge is simple to install and remove for easy maintenance. Look for the word ‘Front’ embossed on the filter cartridge to ensure the item is properly oriented in the filter chamber. This is a picky issue but, ‘Front’ might be a little difficult to see since it is the same color as the filter cartridge frame. Proper installation of the filter cartridge is made easy because of alignment channels on both sides of the filter chamber.

The Betta Falls water level should be frequently monitored. This is because it essentially has four waterfalls; three visible waterfalls and one not easily noticed waterfall emptying back into the aquarium’s base. All of this soothing water movement accelerates evaporation. A low water level causes the filter pump to suck in air causing a noisy condition called cavitation. Thankfully, the Betta Falls base contains a very handy water level ‘window’ indicating when to add water. I found a need to add a small amount of water about every two or three days depending upon my home’s humidity level.  This is not a problem rather, it is just something to be aware of with any aquarium during the winter months when home and office air tends to be dry causing faster water evaporation.

Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

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